Putting a creative, wet new edge on the world of gaming!

Competition gets players wet as they battle against animated opponents in first-ever Splash Cabin attraction. Splash Cabin is a unique game that allows two players to engage in a fun, water-fueled battle with animated competitors using an interactive screen. Guests play from inside a beach-bungalow-style cabin and score points by hitting moving targets while trying to avoid being hit themselves by waterjets shooting from screen-embedded nozzles.

Players earn points for hitting targets, and the loser is doused with a water-splash surprise. On the operator side, it is an extra revenue generator. One other feature of this unique attraction is that offering a racing opportunity, the attractions ensures loyalty among the visitors.

Highlighted Features

  • The ability for two guests to play simultaneously
  • A realistic 3d experience produced by two led projectors
  • 2 robust water shooters designed to deliver long, problem-free user time
  • Requirement of only one computer with plug-and-play architecture for game control
  • Multiple responsive water nozzles embedded in the interactive screen
  • Computer-controlled electronic water valves
  • A high-pressure water pump
  • 2-minute-maximum game duration
  • Waterproof equipment inside the splash zone
  • The option to play without water features
  • 2 types of unique cabin designs
  • Social-media integration
  • The possibility of indoor and outdoor versions (also inside water play structure pools)
  • Availability of different cabin theming
  • Availability of different game scenarios and ips
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