VR Splash Cabin Fully Immerses Guests into Gaming Experience

Giving parks options is the name of the game as Polin in cooperation with Lagotronics introduces a second enhanced version of its new Splash Cabin, this one using VR technology.

Polin Waterparks (Turkey) & Lagotronics (Netherlands) are taking the experience to the next level with the new “Virtual-Reality Splash Cabin” aquatic attraction.

Using the latest technology in VR goggles, along with handheld shooters, guests will enter an otherworldly environment in which they will feel they are floating along streams and through villages on a remote island. As they encounter a variety of different situations, they will participate in the greatest water battle of their lives, competing against other players to earn points and “stay alive.”

It will be unveiled, pushing the envelope by using VR glasses and handheld water shooters. For smaller parks, the VR Splash Cabin covers a smaller footprint compared to its 3D Splash Cabin cousin. The VR version requires a space of 3.8 meters long x 3.6 meters wide of space (12.5 feet long x 12 feet wide).

The VR version creates a full 360-degree experience using the highest-resolution virtual-reality equipment on the market. Players will experience being “inside the game” while defending themselves using fully robust and durable water shooters. Players will be doused with water splashes - controlled by Polin’s system – according to their game play.

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