AI Tech That Brings The Future to Your Amusement Park

Get The Real Time Experience Directly to Your Smartphone!

AIPIX helps amusement parks become smarter in the “offline” world and engage better in the “online” world. Pomvom experience seamlessly, effortlessly and automatically distributes memories to park visitors – personally connecting them to the park through their visit!

We capture the whole experience making sure your visitor never misses a single memory throughout the whole journey.

Common face recognition systems need a clear portrait shot to properly detect the individual but Pomvom Experience is much more complicated and advanced.

With our specially developed artificial intelligence architecture, Pomvom Experience can detect the individual even if his eyes are closed, his face is partially blocked or is widely screaming.

This unique system provides real time, live video and stills, from the best point of view.

The”Pomvom experience” AI tech takes your park tor the next level – increasing visitor’s engagement and giving them a chance to enjoy their highlights, moments and memories – all day long!

Pomvom’s solution doesn’t only increase your park’s marketing efforts by giving it a technological edge, but also improves monetization and R.O.I. on each visitor with a variety of engaging photography tools from amazing stills to special point of view live video you couldn’t get any other way.

- Park visitors conversion rate over 20%.

- No capital expenses

- Additional revenue stream

- Exciting new experience for park visitors

- Unique video capabilities

- Boosting park’s marketing exposure

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