The SplashClock has a modern, clean format with a 19.68 x 19.68 inch (50 x 50 cm; 64 x 64 pixel) display that fits easily into any environment with its water- and weatherproof exterior. It can even have any custom design, logo or remark. A bright RGB LED display shows an analog or digital clock, the date, other data (such as air and water temperature, humidity and wind speed) and any other information you want to communicate from useful messages to advertisements. The ability to deliver ads means the device can pay for itself in a short time frame. Users can configure the system via Ethernet network, and the configuration interface can be accessed via web browser or mobile application. Any problems you may experience are quickly and efficiently solved by Polin’s R&D team via remote access and the DCF77 receiver ensures that the device always delivers accurate time.

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