The elegant appearance of our traffic-light board can fit into any surrounding, even existing slides’ environments. The outside section of the traffic light is available in unlimited colors, while the screen’s extra-bright contrast clearly displays scores even in bright daylight using your choice of eight different colors - even matching the color theming of your slide. The size of the device is 11.73 x 6.69 inches (298 X 170 mm), and the size of the screen is 10.12 x 5.08 inches (257 X 129 mm).

The device alerts guests to begin racing using light flares and optional sound signals for added safety.

The red-green light flare is available in four different animations:

  • A “Formula 1” style start, with light bars appearing in five cycles
  • Horizontal red-green light flares in red-green lines
  • Perpendicular red-green light flares in lines
  • Red-green light filling the entire screen

The Splashware Multifunctional Start-Stop System acts as an easy-to-view communications vehicle for all types of messages. When riders are competing, scores can be displayed. Between times, the screen can deliver marketing messages - easily changed and edited using an Internet connection and a browser-based admin page - allowing it to pay for itself in a year or less.

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